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This course will skill you for a job that is in growing demand. The website development course is for anyone who is looking at a career as a web programmer, manager or developer and will give you the knowledge and skills to succeed. Students will learn about PHP, HTML, JavaScript (JS), Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) and how to use a different ranges of Content Management System (CMS). The outline of this course covers design, development, site performance, database integration to implementation and acceptance testing. Perhaps you’re wanting to design websites, or perhaps you want to integrate a database with a website, whatever you’re looking for this course will give you the understanding and skills you’ll need to excel.

Course Offered

  • Diploma Of Website Development (Duration 60 Academic Weeks)

Through this Diploma you will learn more than just codes, you will be able to understand all stages of website development which you can immediately apply to your career and/or business.

Higher Education Opportunities

  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Web Design and Production
  • Bachelor of Science: Internet Systems Development

Career Opportunities

  • Web Developer
  • Web Development Manager
  • Web Programmer
  • Website Manager
  • Webmaster
  • Web Administrator
  • Internet Developer

What will you learn?

  • Key core knowledge on designing a database and integrating it within a website
  • How to establish and build a strong and dynamic website, including the creation of web pages
  • Understanding the need of, and implementing, copyright, ethics and privacy in an ICT environment
  • Researching, keeping up to date and applying emerging web technology trends
  • Key strategies to plan, review implement and update disaster recovery and contingency plans