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Do you want to study a course that can make a significant impact on the future of businesses? Studying sustainable development will provide students the skills needed to measure current sustainability performance. It will also allow students to establish processes for improved sustainability performance within organisations. The course gives students technical skills related to engineering, chemical, environmental and other technical analyses that may be needed for improving sustainability.

Course Offered

Diploma Of Sustainable Operations (Duration of 56-59 weeks)

The Diploma of Sustainable Operations aims to introduce students to organisations and communities willing to undertake holistic efforts to reduce environmentally harmful methods, and introduce clean technologies that support the ecology.

Higher Education Opportunities

  • Bachelor of Sustainable Tourism
  • Bachelor of Sustainable Agriculture
  • Bachelor of Sustainability
  • Bachelor Of Business and Commerce (Sustainable Business)

Career Opportunities

  • Environmental Project Manager
  • Sustainable Events Coordinator
  • Researcher
  • Sustainable Operations Consultant
  • Sustainability Business Analyst
  • Environment Programs Manager

What will you learn?

  • How to develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability and implementing social sustainability in work practices.
  • How to measure and report carbon footprint
  • How to conduct a sustainability water, energy and emissions audits
  • How to facilitate and implement holistic culture improvements in an organisation
  • Developing strategies for more sustainable use of resources and improving sustainability through readily implementable change
  • The competencies required to work in a technical, supervisory or operational role in sustainability within an organisation and/or its value chain