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Barbershops have recently become incredible popular over Australia and around the world. As more men grow beards, moustaches and hipster haircuts the demand for qualified barbers is high. Students can now study a Cert III in Barbering which will qualify them in this profession.


What you learn?

Students undertaking this qualification will learn face and neck shaving, clipper carving/track works and trimming of men’s hair, beards and moustaches, as well as cutting, styling and drying to shape of men’s hair. Students will also learn traditional and modern barbering techniques that will include clipper/scissor over-comb, taper, graduated and layered cutting styles.

In addition students will also undertake units based on customer consultation, safety and hygiene practices, communication and product sales and others.

The course will provide successful graduates with a range of skills that include client consultation, sales and technical skills that will allow you to offer a wide range of barbering services within a barbershop or salon

What you can do when you graduate?

You are qualified to work as a barber. Or if you are looking to study something else in the field you could study a


60 weeks including holidays or (42 weeks not including holidays)

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