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Cheapest Course Options

For Studying In Australia

Affordable Education

Australia is fun, affordable and world renowned country for education. This is why so many international students look to extend there stay in Australia.

We understand one of the biggest factors when making this decision is price. We have put together a list of some of the cheapest course options for international students to further there studies and extend there stay in Australia.


A friendly multicultural river city that offers the best of bustling urban life while having many relaxing escapes within short distance from the city.

The Gold Coast

With over 70km of sandy beaches, the Gold Coast boasts tropical rainforests, multiple theme parks, a magnificent hinterland and an action-packed city life. Home to some of Australia’s leading educational institutions.


In Sydney, you will enjoy a temperate climate and an enviable range of leisure choices , a safe and secure city with world-class education and health care and a globally connected business environment.


A vibrant, cosmopolitan city of over three million people that enjoys clean fresh air and beautiful parks and gardens. Melbourne prides itself on its spectacular combination of the old and the new. 


A friendly multicultural river city

Diploma Of Hospitality

Duration: 48 weeks
Cost: $7950.00 AU (Approximately $170.00 AU per week)
Course Information: For students wanting a career in Hotel Management with an emphasis on management, this course covers all aspects of employment in this exciting industry. Moving from the practical to the theoretical and on to management issues, graduates will have a thorough knowledge of the intricacies of Commercial Cookery, People Management, Customer Service and Financial Management.

Certificates 1- 3 In Spoken & Written English

Duration: 28 weeks per Certificate. (Includes Holidays)
Price: $2750.00 AU Per Certificate. (Approximately $100.00 AU per week)
Course Information: This Course is designed to help improve everyday English for people wanting to migrate to Australia, work in Australia, or generally improve English skills from a practical point perspective.  It is essentially an ESL (English as a Second Language) course for Vocational Education purposes.
It is NOT an ELICOS course.  Students may have completed a preliminary course in Spoken and Written English, but no pre-requisite is required for this beginner level course

Certificate 2 In Sports & Recreation

Duration: 28 weeks. (Includes Holidays)
Price: $3450.00 AU. (Approximately $124.00 AU per week)
Course Information:  This course is an entry level course into the Sport, (Outdoor) Recreation and Fitness industries. In this course students get to experience the basics of the industries by participating in a great range of activities centered on recreational enjoyment and the analysis of various aspects of the industry through enjoyable participation.

With international and domestic airports, rail and  bus service, City Cat (ferry) service, and a well connected pedestrian and bike pathway network, getting about in Brisbane is trouble-free.

The cost of accommodation in Brisbane is relatively affordable compared with other states in Australia. Brisbane offers a variety of accommodation options to suit most student budgets. In general, international students live in either home-stay accommodation with an Australian family or rental accommodation with other students.


Home to some of Australia’s leading educational institutions

The Gold Coast

Diploma Of Business + Diploma Of Marketing

Duration: 13 months
Cost: $6050.00 AU ( Approximately $110.00 AU per week)
Outcomes include: Developing skills in the areas of Advertising, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Management.Pathways from the qualification.

General English

Duration: 4 – 52 weeks
Price: From $200.00 Per Week
Course Information: This is one of our most popular course offering a balanced program for students who want to improve their daily English skill in all areas. High energy with a lot of speaking practice to increase students confidence in the real world.

Certificate 1 in IT

Duration: 11 weeks
Cost: $1200.00 ( Approximately $110.00 AU per week)
Course Information: This qualification could be described as ‘the community entry standard in ICT literacy’ and may be wholly or partially used as an entry level qualification for any of Envirotech’s courses as it includes basic computer skills necessary for all trades and occupations.

Whether you choose to visit the Gold Coast’s beaches, hinterland or other major attractions, there are a range of public transport options to help you get to where you need to go.  Trains, buses and an international and domestic airport service the Gold Coast.

The cost of accommodation on The Gold Coast is relatively affordable compared with other states in Australia. The Gold Coast offers a variety of accommodation options to suit most student budgets. In general, international students live in either home-stay  accommodation with an Australian family or rental accommodation with other students.


A safe and secure city with world-class education and health care


Certificate 4 in Business 

Duration: 9 months
Cost: From $3750.00 AU (Approximately $110.00 AU per week)
Course Information: This qualification provides skills and knowledge required to perform effectively as a manager, team leader or supervisor managing a workplace. It will develop skill base and knowledge and awareness of management practice. Workers at this level operate at an advanced skill level and may also have responsibility for the supervision of other staff and volunteers.

General English

Duration: 1 – 52 weeks (with the choice of morning or night classes)
Price: Morning class = $175.00 AU per week. (Night Class = $165.00 AU per week)
Course Information: This course is designed for students who want to enhance their English language skills before attempting further study in Australia, or for students who want to develop their English to achieve their personal goals. The General English program is a 5 level program offered at Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels

Diploma of Management 

Duration: 9 months
Price: From $3750.00 AU (Approximately $110.00 AU per week) AU (Approximately $110.00 AU per week)
Course Information: This qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply a broad range of competencies in a varied work context using some discretion, judgement and relevant theoretical knowledge. They may provide technical advice and support to a team.

Sydney has some of the best public Transport infrastructure in Australia. You will have no problems finding your way around this beautiful city.

International Students tend to stay in share accommodation with other students while studying in Sydney. Sydney can be a very expansive place to live in comparison with The Gold Coast or Brisbane.


A city of magnificent architecture, glorious parks, elegant streetscapes, and warm ethnic communities.


Diploma Of Business

Duration: 6 months (Approximately $150.00 AU per week)
Cost: $3500 AU
Course Information:  This diploma enhances your job prospects by developing business skills such as delivering customer service, maintaining financial records and producing business documents. You will also gain an understanding of human resource and public relation principles, and learn how to monitor a safe workplace.

IELTS Preparation

Duration: 1- 52 weeks
Cost: $218.00 AU per week
Course Information: IELTS preparation courses prepare students to take the IELTS test. There are two levels offered. Courses start every 5 weeks. It takes approximately 10 weeks for a student to raise her or his IELTS score by .5.

Certificate IV Business

Duration: 6 months.
Cost: $3500.00 AU (Approximately $150.00 AU per week)
Course Information: Get the skills for a rewarding career in Business. If you are interested in entering the business world as clerical or administrative officers this course offers you the basic skills required to successfully meet entry job level requirements across a number of industries.

A comprehensive transport system of trams, trains and buses (public transport) lets you easily travel around Melbourne. A MYKI card lets you travel on any mode of public transport around Melbourne and on regional trains and some buses.

Explore your options carefully by learning as much as you can about the area you are going to live in. You will need to consider services and facilities, your budget and its convenience to getting to your place of study. Melbourne is a very expensive place to live and understanding this before you decide to undertake study is very important.

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